Protect Girls' Sports Petition

Protect Girls' Sports Petition

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Our children must be protected from radical social experimentation. Radical liberal activists in Washington D.C. are bringing their “woke war” against girls sports!

Liberals want to FORCE young girls to compete in intramural sports against biological men. You and I both know that science is clear, there are biological differences between boys and girls.

Our girls DESERVE fair and equal competition in sports. That’s why I’m sponsoring legislation to prohibit biological men from competing in girl’s sports.

I hope I can count on you to throw your support behind my Protecting Girls’ Sports Act (HB-935) by signing the petition below.

Will you help me protect our children? The only way we’re going to get this legislation moving is if the political class in Tallahassee know how YOU the people feel about this important issue.

Please sign your Protecting Girls’ Sports Petition below.

Petition to my state Representative, my state Senator, and the Legislative Leadership of Florida

Whereas: We must protect the most innocent in our society – our children – against radical social experimentation;

Whereas: Liberals in Washington D.C. want to force California-values on Florida school districts, FORCING young girls to compete against biological men in intramural sports;

Whereas: Our girls DESERVE fair and equal competition in intramural sports;

Whereas: Florida citizens must FIGHT BACK against these radical social experiments FORCED on us by “woke” liberals in Washington D.C.

Therefore: I urge you to, co-sponsor, and vote for Anthony Sabatini’s Protecting Girls’ Sports Act (HB-935) in the upcoming legislative session.