No Vaccine Mandates Petition

No Vaccine Mandates Petition

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Florida won’t always have a Governor who respects the Constitution and the individual liberties and freedoms guaranteed to citizens.

Most government officials don’t understand that individuals, like you and I, are best equipped to make healthcare decisions for ourselves.

The Governor of Florida should NOT have the emergency power to MANDATE what you put in your body.

You and I MUST have the freedom to choose how we take care of ourselves.

You should be making your own healthcare choices, not the Governor of Florida.

YOU should be able to decide if vaccines, especially the new COVID-19 vaccines, are right for your family.

That’s why I am running legislation to REMOVE the Governor’s emergency power to MANDATE Floridians receive vaccines.

Will you help me spread the word? The only way we’re going to get this legislation moving is if the political class in Tallahassee know how YOU the people feel about this important issue.

Please sign your No Vaccine Mandate Petition below.

Petition to my state Representative, my state Senator, and the Legislative Leadership of Florida

Whereas: Government officials do not know better than American citizens what healthcare decisions are best for them.

Whereas: Florida will not always be blessed with a Governor who follows the Constitution and respects individual rights.

Whereas: The Governor of Florida SHOULD NOT have the POWER to FORCE Florida citizens to receive vaccines in an emergency. No Governor’s emergency powers should include the authority to mandate Florida citizens receive vaccinations.

Whereas: There are no one size-fits-all scenarios in healthcare. Americans must be allowed to make their own healthcare decisions, especially when decisions concern things like receiving a vaccine.

Therefore: I urge you to co-sponsor, and vote for Anthony Sabatini’s No Vaccine Mandate legislation in the upcoming legislative session.