Don't Let Biden Cancel Florida

Don't Let Biden Cancel Florida

Cancel culture crazies are at it again.

President Joe Biden’s administration has announced they want to cancel Florida!

Biden and his liberal cronies in Washington D.C. HATE that Florida is free and excelling.

They hate because Floridians like you and I have shown the county that shutdowns, closed schools, and fear of our neighbors doesn’t have to be how we respond to the pandemic.

Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their army of Washington D.C. bureaucrats are preparing to try and CANCEL Florida. They may attempt to BAN inter-state travel to Florida, MANDATE quarantines for any one who leaves Florida, and even CLOSE roads and airports in and out of the Sunshine state.

This is a political attack on our state simply for challenging the liberal response to the pandemic.

I’ve set a letter to President Biden demanding he block this decision. I hope you’ll help me underscore this point by sending your own message to the White House.

I’ve prepared a Don’t Let Biden Cancel Florida Petition that I will send to President Biden.

Will you help me stand up to this nonsense, and send a message to President Joe Biden?

Petition to President Joe Biden

Copy To: Governor Ron DeSantis, Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio

Whereas: Florida has set an example to the country, keeping our economy open, our schools safe and functioning, and keeping the promise of opportunity accessible to all Floridians;

Whereas: Any attempt to ban inter-state travel to and from Florida would be a highly unconstitutional Act;

Whereas: Florida’s citizens and Florida’s state government have successfully navigated the travails of the COVID-19 pandemic, and should NOT be punished for letting the principles of freedom and liberty guide our public policy.

Therefore: I urge you to repudiate any attempts to use the power of the federal government to close Florida. Keep Florida open!